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Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania – October 28 –

Recently a Newsvine member commented on one of my articles. Suddenly the comment was deleted. I thought that I had inadvertently deleted the comment, and I apologized. It turned out subsequently that Valkerie was in fact Driftwood. She was banned, again, as a rereg. That was the reason that her comment was deleted. I mention this, because it illustrates the tireless, unending, efforts of Driftwood to oppose evil and Marxism in our society, and it’s difficulty.

When you read about Driftwood in her Wall and profile on Facebook, you will find an above average citizen. She has a lovely family, home, children, and friends. She also holds a responsible job. She has a gift for rebuttal of adversarial comments. She is head and shoulders above my rebuttal skills. During her time on Newsvine, she posted as many as ten seeds a day, or even more. The opposition waited with baited breath, to attack her comments and seeds. They mention her to this day on Newsvine, and they attempt to ridicule her. It doesn’t work, she is a legend in her own time.

She has reached the end of her road. I don’t think so. A person with her ingenuity will succeed. Where there is a will, there is a way. If there is a way, Driftwood will find it.

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