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Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania – October 10 –

I have been blessed. I started thinking about the picture, which I posted of the view outside my office window. There’s a cross in that view, but I looked closely at the picture to see whether it was in the picture. It’s there. It’s a little to the left of center, and It’s about half way down. When you look at the picture, look at the middle, and then a little to the left. The cross is about 12 feet tall, and it’s decorated with white lights. It’s on our complex’s property, which is owned by an individual. I don’t really know much about it, but I’m pleased that it is there.

I have written several religious articles. Among the comments on those articles, I find comments with a fervent desire to discredit the idea that our country is religious. I also have seen indications that the Federal government is untruthful and untrustworthy.  A pastor from Lake Alamor Community church in California has filed a report on the Ten Commandments represented in the Supreme Court. I accept both ideas as evidence of the evil spirit.

The Supreme Court of the United States is a treasure trove of religious ideas, and artifacts. It depicts Moses as one of the sources of law in Western Civilization. There is a depiction of Moses with tablets, which contain commandments in the Hebrew language. The religious artifacts are on the front of the building, on the rear of the building, on the doors, and inside the building on the walls.

It wouldn’t surprise me, if efforts are made to remove some, or all, of these things. History tells the truth, and efforts to rewrite it is futility.

In God We Trust [1]

God Bless America

[1] It might be claimed that these words are unconstitutional. They are in no danger of being removed. They appear on every email sent from my default email account.

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