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Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania – October 12 –

President Obama doesn’t have a very nice backdrop for his October 17-19 bus tour:

On Tuesday, the president's jobs bill failed to get the 60 votes to clear a procedural hurdle in the Senate, with 50 Democrats voting to advance the bill, and with two Democrats (Nebraska's Ben Nelson and Montana's Jon Tester) joining all Republicans in voting to block it. (Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid later switched his vote from yes to no, for the opportunity to reconsider the legislation at a future date.)

Snowe, Collins join GOP to block Obama's jobs bill

Two reporters have turned on President Obama, and now two Democrat Senators have turned on President Obama. I did see one Liberal state on one of my articles, that he was giving up. I think that meant that he was disgusted, rather than turning on Liberalism.

Two Democrats and two “iffy” Republicans voted against his “jobs bill”, which is really a phony strategy to try to shame or bash Republicans. We’ll know in a few days what it does to his poll numbers. I’m betting that it won’t improve them.

At 39 Percent, Obama's Reminded the Worst Could Lie Ahead August 15, 2011.

We’ll revisit President Obama’s poll numbers on or about October 20, 2011.

Eric Holder was subpoenaed today to appear in a congressional investigation of “Fast and Furious”

A nun died, who was killed by an illegal immigrant some time ago. Two US government employees have been killed. Approximately 200 Mexican citizens have been killed. It’s business as usual. Heads would roll in the private sector, but government doesn’t work that way.

Putin and Hu have had a meeting, and they are planning opposition to the United States. Putin is planning to take over Russia in the next election.

The US Senate has passed a “currency bill”, which is opposed by China. Boehner is opposed to it.

President Obama is too busy with his campaign to even know what’s going on.

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