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Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania – October 10 –
President Obama is a Marxist. As a conservative capitalist, I am the exact opposite of President Obama. President Obama is a wolf in sheep's clothing. Anyone, who would sit in Reverend Wright's church, and listen to "God Damn America" and anti American rants, for twenty years, is a wolf in sheep's clothing. President Obama was active in Chicago 30 years ago. He is using the same tactics now, that he has been using all his life. The October Fall is a network operation. George Soros is involved, unions are involved, Van Jones is involved, Center for American Progress is involved, the media is involved, President Obama is involved, et cetera. Van Jones called the network operation October Fall. It has been called the 99 percenters. It is also called Occupy Wall Street. The media is pushing the Marxists in lock step. Wall St. protests: How reform happens The protesters are held in high regard by the media. They are depicted as all knowing, and all caring, victims of society. Other famous Chicago products are Dan Rostenkowski, Rahm Emanuel, the two Jesse Jacksons, and Dick Durban.
In 1996, Rostenkowski pleaded guilty to charges of mail fraud and was fined and sentenced to 17 months in prison. Wikipedia
Rahm Emanuel, currently mayor of Chicago, is famous for “it is a shame to waste a good crisis”. The Democrats cooked up their legislation to control banking. The banks reacted by increasing debit card fees. Dick Durbin denounced the banks idea on the floor of the Senate. So, now we have anti capitalism on the Senate floor.
An industry representative said such fees may become more prevalent as banks try to make up for lost revenue from a different kind of fee that will be capped under a new set of financial regulations.
Read more "Get the heck out of that bank," Durbin said Monday on the Senate floor. "Find yourself a bank or credit union that won’t gouge you for $5 a month. ... What Bank of America has done is an outrage." latimes

I smell a rat…or two…or more. Newsvine Column with comments...Newsvine; very liberal, closed October 1, 2017
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