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Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania – October 27 –

If you click on this link, it will take you to Extraterrestrial’s comment, which is linked to my removed article. If you click on the link in #11 in Extraterrestial’s article, it will take you to the duplicate article on blogspot.

By the same token, a comment with a link to Greg’s removed Dumbass article, will take you to a duplicate of Greg’s removed article.

I will try to post other removed articles on my blogspot articles, or anyone can post their removed articles on their own web site.

Secrecy is important. I will attempt to put links to private Dumbass discussions in my blogspot articles. Reality Check on Facebook is a secret group, which I recommend.

I have some other ideas, which may be helpful to Dumbasses. I’m going to ask Dumbass members whether they are interested in a coalition with Libertarians, Republicans, and Tea Partiers. It might be possible to recruit Dumbasses from those groups. A Dumbass can go to any Dumbass discussion, the Dumbass group page, Reality Check on Facebook, email, or wherever to state your opinion.

I can envision 500 or more Dumbasses in the near future.

Newsvine Column with comments

Private discussions for group members





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