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bus tour 2 october 2011

"And then you got their plan, which is let's have dirtier air, dirtier water, less people with health insurance. All right so, so far at least, I feel better about my plan."
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Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania – October 18 –

President Obama has an inferior web site, the image above is a screen shot of it. There are other pictures here. There’s a place on the web site for feedback. I just may use it. Do you like the header of the “White House” blog? Header.

President Obama would have you believe that the public loves the “jobs act”, Republicans want dirtier air, dirtier water, less people with health insurance, and he feels better about his plan. If it’s so great, why was it rejected by the Senate? I say, the statement about Republicans does not tell the whole truth, and nothing but the truth. Further, I would say it is a violation of the golden rule.

Then there’s this. The “jobs act” is portrayed with a bunch of flowers, with a US flag superimposed on the flowers. I could imagine how some Liberals would find beauty in the image, but I’d guess that there are two Democrats in the Senate, who aren’t particularly fond of it.

In the October 17, 2011 archives, in the blog there about President Obama’s speech at West Wilkes High School there are sketchy quotes from the speech.

Some of these folks are just not getting the message, so I’ve got to make sure your voices are heard. I need you to give Congress a piece of your mind. Tell these members of Congress that they don’t work for special interest, they don’t work for lobbyists -- they work for you. And if they’re not delivering, you need to let them know. And I don’t know whether you’re going to get on the phone, or you’re going to tweet them or write them a letter, or pay them a visit, but tell them to do the right thing. Tell them what’s at stake here.

Interpretation: I’m using government revenue, and money from China, to try to snooker you into voting for me. I will bear false witness against Republicans to try to accomplish my goal, if I can deceive you.

President Obama’s approval ratings on Real Clear Politics: 43.7 approval on 10/17/2011.

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