A Tribute to Mary Ruth

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Three children are all over fifty years old now
Mary’s yard
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Mary’s Pool
Mary’s remodeled house-rear
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Mary’s remodeled house-front
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Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania – October 30 – 2011
I was listening to the Grand Ole Opry Saturday night, and they played the recording of Vince Gill featured here. I thank God that Mary Ruth has been here with me 58 years this coming June. I met her in a roller skating rink in Richmond, Virginia. Then we ran into each other at the USO in Richmond subsequently. We were married in Richmond, Virginia. I was in the Army, and we lived off post in Williamsburg, Virginia.
We moved to Defiance, Ohio after my discharge. I worked at General Motors. I decided to attend Michigan State University. She worked in a Lansing bakery, and at the Kellogg Center on the Michigan State campus. We moved back to Defiance, Ohio after I graduated. Mary worked at Campbell Soup after I graduated. Mary had two children by then, and a third was on the way. Things didn’t go well at General Motors, and we moved to Dallas, Texas. Mary went to work for  the Zuider Zee seafood restaurant. She was a hostess most of the time she was there. It was a very high class restaurant, and the Dallas Cowboys, and Don Meredith were customers at the restaurant. I was transferred from my job with the Kroger company at Irving, Texas to Houston, Texas. My wife worked in a Kroger store meat department, and in a Kroger store delicatessen, while we were in Houston.
I decided to buy a truck of my own. A truck stop in Winchester, Virginia put gasoline in my diesel truck. I didn’t know it, and the truck quit running in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. Mary was in Houston, Texas, and she moved the family to Pittsburgh, bought a house, and went to work for the Harmarville Rehabilitation Center in the food department. I went to work trucking, and bought another truck.
Mary had one of the most beautiful homes in Curtisville, Pennsylvania. She improved the house, and the landscaping was excellent. She had earth moved, and had an above ground pool with platform built. During the time in Curtisville, Mary went to various Casinos, and she went to Atlantic City, New Jersey, quite often. She has consistently been a big time slot player winner.
I was running from Gary, Indiana to Buffalo, New York regularly, so Mary moved to Gary. We lived in Hammond, which is next door to Gary. Mary went to work supervising the pool at our apartment complex. She also worked as a private contractor for the owner of the trucking company, which I was working for. She was a big time winner at the casinos near Gary.
We both retired and moved to Jacksonville, Florida. Mary won on the gambling boats. We lived in Jacksonville about five years, then we moved to Scottsdale, Arizona for about five more years. Mary won significant amounts of money in Arizona. Now, we’re back in the Pittsburgh area. Mary still goes to the Casinos, and is still a big time winner.