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Sample of anti capitalist Van Jones

Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania – October 11 –

President Obama is a Marxist. As a conservative capitalist, I am the exact opposite of President Obama. President Obama is a wolf in sheep's clothing.

I got a lot of flack yesterday:.

The terms Marxist and Socialist have been so over used and misinterpreted to have evacuated them of any real meaning. Especially when use in an accusatory context.

Let's practice the same with your pet labels....

Christian: An individual believing in ancient fairy tales via childhood indoctrination and intellectual laziness. Believing scientific impossibilities such as raising the dead, walking on water and turning water to wine.

Conservative: A close minded individual clinging to outdated beliefs and principles of both economic and social selfishness. Voting against ones best interests based upon fear mongering and emotion based topics separate and apart from reality.

Capitalist: Believing in an unsupportable economic model of greed and scarcity. A model that intentionally exploits less developed nations to maintain an inflated lifestyle of more advanced nations.

Thoughts II: Something you didn't do before seeding your article?

How does that work for you, Wolf?

It works just fine; it illustrates my point.

Not only is President Obama a Communist, he associated with Communists in the past, he is part of the Soros, Obama, Van Jones network, many prominent people say he is a Communist, but reality is denied.

If it walks like a duck, quacks like a duck, looks like a duck; it must be a duck.

I’m going to rehash the old Bill Ayers story. President Obama has a home in Hyde Park. Bill Ayers has a home in Hyde Park. President Obama’s books may have been written by Bill Ayers. President Obama participated in concert with Bill Ayers for years.

The current manifestation of Communism is Van Jones. President Obama appointed Van Jones, a Communist, as a czar. President Obama makes no moves to disassociate himself from Van Jones. Any thinking person can recognize the Soros, Obama, Van Jones, et cetera network.

The October Fall; think!

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